Supporting implementation of evidence-based psychosocial programs

Mobile technology has the potential to bridge barriers associated with implementation of EBPs. The IMR app for iPad (iMRAPP) is an interactive tool developed for tablet and aimed at providing support when implementing one EBP – the Illness Management and Recovery (IMR) program.

In addition to containing the program manual and work materials (close to 700 pages), the application has functionality for supervision via the Internet and assessment of key outcome measures. The goal has been to develop an interactive, user-friendly tool for mental health practitioners to use when administering the IMR program.

Full IMR manual

The tablet application includes manualized program packages covering teaching the core principles of illness self-management for severe mental illnesses.

Session plan

You can easily plan and schedule IMR sessions with your group. You can easy follow the eight-step structure in every module.

Patient data

Follow different participants personal goals and homework for easy follow up on every session.


Enhanced treatment quality

The application includes functionality for supporting implementation by providing in-app training and supervision features, and has support for evaluation of implementation quality and assessment of patient process and outcome data.

Easy to follow treatment goals

The iMRAPP will support professionals in setting and following up on treatment goals, patient home assignments, and monitoring patient progress. Supervision and feedback on the professional’s competency will ensure high-quality implementation of evidence-based psychosocial programs.



Engage participants in their own treatment

Illness Management and Recovery (IMR) is a manual-based psychosocial program with the aim to improve the participants’ ability to manage the negative consequences of severe mental illness, promote cooperation between client and practitioner, engage participants in their own treatment, and support participants in pursuing personally meaningful recovery goals.